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[01] ghost whisperer [01] eliza dushku
[01] misfits [01] the vampire diaries
[04] bones [02] buffy the vampire slayer
[01] lie to me [12] doctor who
[01] dw cast: karen gillan

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I wake up every morning with the thought: Here it is! This New Day.
But every day at five o'clock in the evening, I understand that my day is killed. I understand it even earlier. Just in exactly five hours my working day is over.
I am trying to reassure myself that I need to suffer in this job another year. And then I can retire. I can not do it now. In my town it is very difficult to find a job, especially considering my status as a student of the correspondence department of the university.
My friend invited me to the wedding. Wedding will take place in August. Actually, my girlfriend and her husband had married in the church in November. And now they're going to get married under the law.
Among the bridesmaids, I was the only unmarried girl. So I'll be her witness at the wedding.
In my blog on diary.ru I created the post of "Spam me HQ / MQ" (for the icons, of course:)
I'm not sure whether it makes sense to do this type of post here. People ask of the icon, and if they do not need them - they simply share good pictures that may be useful or inspire me.
I'm not sure whether it makes sense to do this type of post here. People request of the icons. And if they do not need them - they simply share good pictures that may be useful for me or inspire me.
I decided to show some icons of the future batch.


PS I'm horrified of my knowledge of English
Let me know and I will explain or translate any phrase, if you need it.
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You know what bothers me? During the first two seasons we have watched as the growing friendship between Neal and Peter. Strong friendship. I like it. Therefore, I was struck by the season finale. And now I watch the new series and the thought, my God, how? Really, how? I just don't understand how just a few moments, everything could be broken. Friendship is no longer among them. There was only a semblance of friendship and a fake smiles. I still hope that everything will return to their seats.


Jun. 6th, 2011 09:50 pm
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В ожидании отключения дайри на трое суток через пару дней, я думаю, многие вспомнили про жежешечку.  Давно хотела взять от дайри отпуск и не заходить хотя бы дня три... Но у меня не получалось: "сегодня я не могу не зайти на дайри, вот завтра точно отдохну!"
 Ирония судьбы, да? XD А может оно и к лучшему. Всегда есть куча дел, на которые не хватает времени.
I have long wanted to take on vacation diary.ru although for three days. But I could not get. And so the site will not work for some time...
The irony, eh? XD Maybe it's for the best. Always have a bunch of cases for which not enough time.
People where are you? I can't hear you!
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[7] letters to juliet
[1] cougar town
[8] the vampire diaries
[3] bones
[1] lie to me
[2] secret diary of a call girl
[2] alexz johnson
[2] мария берсенева
[2] olivia wilde
[3] zooey deschanel (new girl promo)
[1] karen gillan

gif: the vampire diaries - elijah-elena

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